Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alexis Arquette Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Separated at birth? Lol, I think not, but Bree’s puffed up kisser, highly arched up brows, and pulled back hairline give her a remarkable resemblance to the transgendered Alexis Arquette. It looks like Bree’s doctor yanked her hairline back too far. Or is she wearing a wig? Who knows?

Not all plastic surgeries are created equal, some trump others. In my book, the mother of all surgeries would have to be gender re-assignment surgery. This brings us to Alexis Arquette. Besides the desire to have a woman’s body parts, Alexis is best known as the sibling of actors, David and Patricia Arquette. Alexis became a woman pretty much before our eyes, as we saw him as a man in films like Pulp Fiction, then a cross dresser in The Wedding Singer, and finally today we see him on red carpets and reality shows as a full on transgendered woman. More power to him, if you don’t want what god gave you, chop it off and start over. Also in his transformation to from he to she, he got herself some breast augmentation and appears to have had perhaps a brow lift, that’s a lot of work! With all that said and done, Alexis looks the part, and if you don’t agree, she can probably beat the crap out of you.
Check out these pictures of Alexis Arquette before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Alexis Arquette had good or bad cosmetic surgery?